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Word: take medicine, medicate onself


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I have used {jIHergh'eghpu'} for "I took my medicine." for years, based on the canonical word {HerghwI'} Can {HerghwI} be used as a bare verb meaning "I medicated myself", or is it just a fossil or set form? If not, how can I say "take my medicine?"

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12 thoughts on “take medicine, medicate onself

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    I don’t think we can assume that Hergh is a verb based on HerghwI’ any more than we can assume that De’ and Degh are verbs because of De’wI’ computer and DeghwI’ helmsman. I would use different verbs depending on the type of medicine and its method of administration:

    Hergh taS vItlhutlh.
    I drank a medicinal solution.
    Hergh ‘aplom vISop.
    I ate medicinal pellets [pills].
    Hergh chatlh vI’ep
    🙂 I slurped medicinal soup. (heheh)

    • De'vID says:

      We pretty much know that HerghwI’ is a shortening of Hergh QaywI’. The verb to use for ingesting medicine is therefore Qay.

      • Andrew Miller says:

        Hmm…I would probably not use Qay for oral administration of medicine, but I can see myself using it in certain other cases. What is the source for Hergh QaywI’?

  2. qa'HoS says:

    All good suggestions and I’ve tried those. But my view is that, since for Klingons eating and drinking have positive associations, while taking medicine has bad ones, Klingon would use a separate word for that. Also, eating and drinking don’t cover injections.

    • Andrew Miller says:

      “for Klingons eating and drinking have positive associations, while taking medicine has bad ones, Klingon would use a separate word for that.”
      Seems like a non-sequitur to me, particularly in the light of the proverb about eating poison.

      Injections could be handled verbally  by vev insert, put it or more abstractly by ‘elmoH cause to enter.

      Now a noun for a (hollow) needle on the other hand I would welcome.

      • qa'HoS says:

        Not a non sequitur at all. A Klingon would consider poison to be the means by which he can test his strength and courage. Receiving medicine intended for his health he would consider a capitulation to weakness. I also agree: word for a needle hypodermic would be welcome.

        • qa'HoS says:

          Although, strictly speaking, {HerghwI’} works just as well for a needle hypodermic as it does a pneumo-hypodermic.

        • janSIy says:

          It’s been mentioned in the other thread on this word, but just in case not everyone gets notified of every reply, TKDA gives us the word for “hypo” as Hergh QaywI’.

  3. qa'HoS says:

    I guess I should be straightforward on my preference: I’d like to see Okrand promulgate {Hergh} as a verb meaning to medicate, to take/give (medicine). Thus: jIHergh’eghpu. nuch Hergh vIlo’pu’. I took an aspirin.

  4. janSIy says:

    I would be satisfied using the three ingestion verbs that we have depending on the consistency of the medicine. However, I too, feel like medicine should perhaps have it’s own verb. Or maybe even there’s a good generic “ingest” verb that we could use when we don’t know the consistency of a substance (or the substance is available in multiple consistencies).

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