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Word: symbiont



organism living in close physical association with another; parasites are a subtype

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3 thoughts on “symbiont

  1. anDu says:

    A useful word that will allow us to say “Sopbogh [symbiont]” for parasite. I guess symbiosis would be “[symbiont] [relationship]”?


    By the way, how do you say “relationship” in Klingon?

    • Andrew Miller says:

      Technically parasitism is any close physical relationship between species of organisms in which one benefits and the other is harmed without being killed; the parasite need not consume the tissue of the host for instance. So ghongbogh [symbiont] exploiting [symbiont] could mean parasite.

      Talking about relationships is not restricted to one term. Between more sentient beings this might be a ruS bond depending on the formal nature of the relationship. To describe other relationships one uses the verb rarchuq be related (conceptually)

      What is the relationship between these two species? [lit. How are these two species connected with each other?]
      chay’ rarchuq cha’ yaghvam?

      • Andrew Miller says:

        Correction: cha’ mutvam means these two species. cha’ yaghvam is these two organisms.

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