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Word: subsets of plural pronouns


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How do you talk about subsets of plural pronouns, in phrases like "all of us/you/them", "none of us/you/them", "two of us/you/them", "most of us/you/them", "some of us/you/them", and so on? That is, using number words to refer to part of a group which is described with a pronoun.

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One thought on “subsets of plural pronouns

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    You could use loch be a fraction of:

    yupma’ jaH nulochbogh Hoch. All of us are going to the festival.
    jech tuQ lIlochbogh pagh. None of you are wearing costumes.
    Su’ghar luSopQo’ chaH lochbogh cha”e’ 
    Two of them refuse to eat sugar.
    naDev nulochbogh HochHom Datu’ You will find most of us here.
    juHDaq chaH lochbogh ‘op’e’ ratlhmoH muD Dotlh qab. Bad weather is keeping some of them at home.

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