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Word: stress, emphasize



draw attention to with especial markedness

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5 thoughts on “stress, emphasize

  1. Daniel Morse says:

    If e get this word, adding -Ha’ can work for “funnel down”.

  2. Daniel Morse says:

    For now, I use {potlhmoH}.  In other situations I have used {chuH}.

    • Andrew Miller says:

      potlhmoH means make important. If I am (say) highlighting important passages in a textbook, the information is already important; I’m just indicating that fact.

      chuH doesn’t really work either. One can clearly explain a range of information without focusing on anything particular.

  3. qa'HoS says:

    potlhqu’moHlaw’ cause to seem to be very important. By using seem I mean to indicate that it seems important to the one doing the emphasizing — it may or may not be important to others — and that the person wishes to make it seem important to others. I use qu’ to acknowledge that, while presumably the whole subject is certainly of importance, this item is especially so.

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