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Word: Sewer



system of underground conduits for disposal of liquid waste

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4 thoughts on “Sewer

  1. De'vID says:

    Given the definitions of DIn and qa’rI’, it’s almost certain that a sewer is some kind of ‘och. The question is, what’s the qualifying word to distinguish it from other kinds of tunnels or conduits? qeQ ‘och? turmIq ‘och? puch ‘och?

    • Andrew Miller says:

      One could probably say underground water-pipe system wutlh qatlhDa’ pat, but that wouldn’t specifically be a wastewater system.

    • qa'HoS says:

      Anyone like dregs tunnel pugh ‘och? In suggesting this I’m presuming that Okrand meant dregs in the more general sense of waste liquid with suspended solid waste, not more specifically to such a mix in reference to beverage remnants. I have no evidence for this, but I sort of like it.

      • Andrew Miller says:

        An intriguing idea. I imagine pugh to mean any sort of chuv leftover that is particularly useless or noisome, probably prototypically liquid (contrast solid DI debris). Perhaps pugh’a’ qatlhDa’ pat to distinguish from the pugh specifically associated with beverages.

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