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Word: roast, grill, broil



We know that despite the well-known Klingon penchant for preparing food raw, there are exceptions (e.g. roast leg of lIngta'). I believe I might have seen meQ used to achieve this effect, but somehow this seems to me to imply a culinary gaffe has occured.

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5 thoughts on “roast, grill, broil

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    baS tlhat tujDaq vut cook on a hot metal grid could probably handle grill. Roasting over a fire might be tujvaD Soj vutmoH cause fire to cook food.

    • Rhona Fenwick says:

      Or simply tujDaq Soj vut prepare food in a fire.

      I also wonder if meQing food is actually even considered a bad thing to do, and thereby providing a shorthand for roast, grill. KGT only mentions that “burnt tendon is definitely a culinary gaffe” (p. 191, my emphasis). Perhaps burning tendon is considered a fail (because according to TKD most Klingons like it deep-fried), but perhaps there are some Klingon foodstuffs that are best when they’re burned/seared(/roasted?)

      • Andrew Miller says:

        That reasoning seems quite sound, but we both made the same mistake of referring to fire as tuj and not qul. :-/

        • Rhona Fenwick says:

          Urgh, that’s always been a mistake I tend to make anyway and when I read your post I didn’t notice. DopDaq tuj qul yIchenmoH QobDI’ ghu’ 😛

  2. qa'HoS says:

    Sort of agree with Rhona, after some more thought. ‘ej DaH jIghungqu’choH!

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