Word: quality



Alternatively verbs "be of high quality"/"be of low quality". Quality describes how well something is done or made compared to similar things. It is not always same as "good", as even things of high quality may be bad/useless for someone/some purpose, and things of low quality can be good for something/someone.

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  1. This idea can be expressed differently depending on context:
    “She does (high) quality work.”
    {vumDI’ ghaH povqu’ gher’ID} (lit. When she works the results are very excellent.)

    “I have acquired some high-quality minerals.”
    {tlhIlmey watlhqu’ vISuqta’} (lit. I have acquired very pure minerals.)

    “That farm produces low-quality produce.”
    {naH QIv lIng Du’vetlh} (lit. That farm produces inferior fruit/vegetables.)

    You could also use {pup} (referring to images), {mIt} “be suitable”, {vaQ} “be aggressive/effective/vigorous”, and {nIv} “be superior”. The “superior enemies” in the Klingon proverb {Dujeychugh jagh nIv yItuHQo’} are precisely warriors of higher quality – they are not necessarily of higher rank.