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Word: punch


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


attack with a fist, whichever noun or verb. And other term for hand-to-hand combat (tuckle, palmblow, chop [open hand], elbow-strike. etc)

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6 thoughts on “punch

  1. De'vID says:

    Isn’t this just qIpmeH ro’ lo’? It’s even in the definition of qIp: “hit (with hand, fist, implement)”.

    • chaDQI says:

      Perhaps Klingons may not distinguishes between ‘with fist’ and ‘with implement’. So there are no word for ‘punch’. If Okrand decide so, I’ll comply.
      I also want a new word or how to say ‘tuckle’, ‘elbow-strike’ and other words for hand-to-hand combat…

  2. Andrew Miller says:

    He punched him.
    ghaH mup ro’Daj.
    His fist sruck him.

    ghaH mup DeSqIvDaj.

    His elbow struck him.


    Do you mean ‘tackle’? As in ‘tackle football’? That would be a great chabal mu’.

      • qurgh says:

        You’ll need to make “tackle” a seperate suggestion. Each suggestion should be for a single concept, not a group or category of similar words.

        • chaDQI says:

          Do’Ha’, yapbe’ 10 mu’mey. I’ll try to request ‘tackle’ next year…

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