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Word: path of a warrior


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I've often thought this might be a discrete word, as opposed to the more literal {vaj taw}, {SuvwI' taw}, {vaj He}, etc.

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6 thoughts on “path of a warrior

  1. qa'HoS says:

    These words refer to the way of the warrior, but do not include the overall demands of being a warrior or the notion that a warrior improves physically and spiritually as he goes along.{vaj taw} or {SuvwI’ taw} work for this, but I’m not ready to assume that Klingons express the concept symbolically, although path of the warrior certainly sounds Klingon. I would like to hear Okrand’s thoughts on it, in any case.

  2. Daniel Dadap says:

    The title of “The Klingon Way – A Warrior’s Guide” is translated as “tlhIngan tIgh – SuvwI’ DevmeH paq”

  3. qa'HoS says:

    As I hinted in I my first response, I’m distinguishing the “way of the warrior” ( the lifestyle a warrior adopts when he becomes a warrior, the wisdom and habits of a warrior, etc. which is what The Klingon Way is all about) with the path of a warrior, which is a course in life which an aspiring young Klingon might choose. While {SuwI’ tIgh} is included in the notion of the warriors path, it is only one aspect of it. It doesn’t include the notion of choosing to become a warrior, then using specific methods and exercises to reach greater levels of spiritual and martial achievement. I may not have explained that we’ll, but for me those two notions, while covering some of the same ground, are distinct.

    • Andrew Miller says:

      mIw step/process might be closer then; it is the word used to translate 道 dào in the title of the Tao Te Ching.

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