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Word: medicine (the field of study)



Medicine, as in "the study of the cause, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease or illness" (Wiktionary). The TNG episode "Ethics" mentions a "Klingon Medical Division", so presumably Klingons have some concept of medicine as a field. {Hergh}, based on its canon uses, appears to refer to "medicine" but in the sense of the substances given as a treatment for an illness, not as a field of study.

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2 thoughts on “medicine (the field of study)

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    porghQeD is the study of bodily functionsQel QeD might mean doctorology, i.e. the study of doctors, but that would be a rather impractical interpretation over the science that a doctor themself studies.

    • Patrick Masterson says:

      porghQeD sounds more like the equivalent of physiology or anatomy than medicine. That’s why I didn’t just use porghQeD in the first place.

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