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Word: Look at / stare



We have legh for see, but we don't have a word for actively directing the eyes

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9 thoughts on “Look at / stare

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    lunuDtaH mInDu’chaj. Their eyes continually examined it.

    lubejtaH mInDu’chaj. Their eyes continually watched it.

    lujIHtaH mInDu’chaj. Their eyes continually monitored it.

    • pagh says:

      Reasonable circumlocutions, but they’re not very satisfying. If Klingon doesn’t actually have a verb for focused visual attention, then fine. Irish doesn’t have a verb for “to die”.

      But given the examples of <‘Ij> and <ghan>, it really seems like Klingon *should* have this verb, and we just don’t know it yet.

      • Andrew Miller says:

        I for one am satisfied with nuD mIn and tu’ mIn for look (at), with any extra contextual information of course.

  2. anDu says:

    A lot of languages merge their words for “to see” and “to look”. (Also their words for “to hear” and “to listen”). It would be nice to know if Klingon is one of these languages.

    • pagh says:

      If Klingon works that way, great. However, I suspect it doesn’t, for three reasons. First, nothing in the dictionary or the canon supports <legh> meaning “look at” as well as “see”, though noting really rules it out either. Second, we have the examples of <Qoy> for “hear” and <‘Ij> for “listen”, so Klingon pretty clearly doesn’t do this for hearing. Finally, there’s <ghan>, which means “glance at, take a quick look at”.

      • anDu says:

        Good argumentation!


        I’m now betting that Klingon distinguishes “see” from “look at”; however, I’d (as would so many of us) like verification from Marc Okrand.

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