Word: Kal'Hyah



Klingon bachelor party. A mental and physical journey filled with song and fellowship celebrated by a Klingon groom and his closest male friends. It consisted of six trials: deprivation, blood, pain, sacrifice, anguish, and death all of which were to be celebrated while fasting. "Word relished following the path of Kal'Hyah with his friends."

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  1. Typo. Should have been: “Worf relished following the path to Kal’Hyah with his friends.”

  2. Where does this word come from?  Is it from one of the shows?  One of the books?

  3. It ‘s from the DS9 episode, “You are Formerly Invited”. While Dax and the Lady Sirella prepare together for the ceremony; Worf, O’Brian, Bashir, Cisco, Mar’tok, and Alexander undergo the so-called “Klingon Batchelor Party”, which, as with all Klingon celebrations, is notoriously difficult for non-Klingons. It is called, in *Paramount Hol*, Kal’HyaH.

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