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Word: Have a duration of



"This presentation has a duration of 20 minutes." "The festival has a duration of three days." I know people probably all use something with "qaStaHvIS" for this sort of thing, but other units of measure have their own verbs…

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3 thoughts on “Have a duration of

  1. Daniel Dadap says:

    It seems that there’s a verb of measurement for every other measurement that can be done with units, except for morgh. tuj/bIr: gheH; vaS/lang: juch; woch/run: ‘ab; ‘ugh/tIS: ngI’; tIn/mach: muq; nI’/ngaj: ???


    If time is inconsistent in that there’s no verb for “have a duration of”, it would be interesting to have this fact explicitly confirmed.

    • qurgh says:

      This would be useful for asking how long something would take as well. We can’t easily use {qaStaHvIS} to talk about how long an activity is or the duration of something (“The movie has a duration of ‘ar minutes?”, “The movie is 3 hours long”, “The opera has a duration of 30 minutes”, etc) only that a certain amount of time “happens” while something else “happens”, which doesn’t mean it’s actually that long, as I could be pausing the show every 10 minutes for 10 minutes! 😀

  2. Jeremy Silver says:

    Hasn’t this one been decided at the 2016 qep’a’? Use {taH}: e.g. {qaStaHvIS wej jaj taH yupma’}

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