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Word: Gesture



send a social signal with a part of the body

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2 thoughts on “Gesture

  1. Rhona Fenwick says:

    Though it isn’t affecting my vote, it’d be interesting if there were no distinct verb for this; in many languages there isn’t. In Ubykh the same idea is communicated by circumlocution, either with say with [a part of the body] or by a causative of the verb see (so¬†I gestured with a hand for her to come over is construed basically as I made her see “come over” with a hand).

  2. Daniel Dadap says:

    It would be interesting if we could be given more examples of well-known Klingon gestures, along the lines of the ones we already know of (e.g. pointing fingers/toes to suggest homophonous words like Hom and qan)

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