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Word: friendship



Strong emotion, affection between friends. "swore eternal friendship", "Earth-Klingon friendship day"

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6 thoughts on “friendship

  1. HemeHeqIS says:

    Is Earth-Klingon Friendship Day a thing? If so, we should definitely have a word for this.

    • chaDQI says:

      I want to put more emphasis on feelings/emotion about friends, not just a thing.

      • Andrew Miller says:

        I would use nong for this:

        jup ruS nong lulIn mogh wa’nagh je.
        Mogh and Wa’nagh shared a passionate bond of friendship.

      • anDu says:

        FWIW, I believe HemeHeqIS was using “a thing” in the 2010’s vernacular English sense of “something extant or established”: “Vietnamese pizza? Is that a thing?”

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