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Word: Fear


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


There is ghIj, "to scare", but not a word to desctibe the emotion. Ex. "Fear is the minf killer"

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6 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Jeremy Silver says:

    I suspect this one is deliberately omitted. Klingons are probably not supposed to know the meaning of the word.

    • qurgh says:

      I agree. We also have a number of phrases that demonstrate how to talk about “fear”:

      vay’ DaghIjlaHchugh bIHoSghaj.
      Fear is power.

      not qoHpu”e’ neH ghIjlu’.
      Only fools have no fear.

      • Rhona Fenwick says:

        Thirded. It’s too basic a concept for its absence to have been an accidental oversight.

        For “fear is the mind-killer”, I’d happily say simply yab HoH ghIjwI’ “a thing which scares kills the mind”.

  2. Luciano Montanaro says:

    That’s all right if the omission was made on purpose.

    boqwI’ lists another interesting mu’tlhegh where ghIj appears to be used as an adverb:

    ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj

    It would be useful to know if it can be used, as the note says the phrase is “archaic”

  3. Luciano Montanaro says:

    Then again, as Klingons don’t acknowledge fear in public, it may be a dirty word, or a technical word used by yab Qed only.

  4. Qov says:

    Think verbs. ghIj, Haj, -vIp Whenever your sentence is based around a noun that doesn’t describe a physical object, back up and do it with verbs.

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