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Word: comparisons for adverbials


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How do a compare two attributes that are described using adverbs? Things like "more often", "less likely", "quicker", "more slowly"? "Sometimes I eat fish but more often I eat beef?", "He can run quickly but she can run quicker", "It's likely your plane will fly, but it's less likely mine will"

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One thought on “comparisons for adverbials

  1. Rhona Fenwick says:

    I thought it was canon that this was generally done with –qu’: nom jIqet jIH ‘ach nom bIqetqu’ SoHyou can run quicker than I can (lit. “I run quickly, but you run quickly indeed”). Does anyone have the relevant reference for this construction?

    For the “sometimes I eat fish” construction in particular I’d phrase it with two different adverbs: rut ghotI’ vISop ‘ach tangqa”e’ pIj vISop I eat fish sometimes, but as for beef, I eat it often.

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