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Word: Between (referring to time periods)



“Since the time of Kahless until now, nobody has seen a Hurq.” “We can meet any time between 8:00 and 12:00.” “Star Trek aired on television from 1966 to 1969.”

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2 thoughts on “Between (referring to time periods)

  1. Jeremy Silver says:

    Should this be extended to include other types of measurements? e.g. “the ship weighs between X and Y cheb’a'”, or “has a length between X and Y ujes”.

    • Daniel Dadap says:

      Yes, that makes sense, although there’s no reason to believe that those would be expressed the same way. I’ll add a seprate entry for between (referring to measurements), assuming that measurements would be treated the same way even though they use different verbs (‘ab, ‘aD, ‘juch, ngI’, gheH)

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