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Word: be superconductive



lacking in electrical resistance, said of materials in which electrical current can flow without loss of power

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5 thoughts on “be superconductive

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    Awfully specific considering we don’t know how to describe electrical conduction whether lossless or no, but gets my vote since the super- part is likely to be expressed with either -qu’ or -chu’.

    • De'vID says:

      I’m hoping to get more general terminology such as “conductive” (or “resistive”), but the specific term I wanted to translate is “superconducting qu(antum )bit”. The existing vocabulary suggests that Klingons discovered quantum mechanics through optics (‘otlhQeD), so how would I describe quantum phenomena (such as superconductivity) without referring to photons, which would be misleading?

      The reason that I ask for something so specific is that I’m working on a project and I keep (some of) my notes in Klingon.

    • Rhona Fenwick says:

      Yeah, my immediate first thought was ‘ul qengchu’ “convey electricity perfectly”.

      • Andrew Miller says:

        That option is extremely tempting. Though to me it feels like there is a qualitative difference between:

        tep qeng Duj.
        The ship carries cargo.

        bIQ qeng qatlhDa’.
        The pipe carries water.


        ‘ul qeng SIrgh.
        The wire carries electricity.

        • Andrew Miller says:

          After some reflection, I would use QaylaH be able to transfer for electrical conductivity.

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