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Word: be generous, be lavish, be effusive, be free


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


Giving freely or plentifully of one's resources (money, gifts, food, praise…), or temperamentally inclined to do so. "A generous host." "She was lavish with her praise." "They are very free with their money." (With -Ha', presumably "be sparing, be stingy, be mean": "Scrooge is a stingy old curmudgeon.")

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6 thoughts on “be generous, be lavish, be effusive, be free

    • qurgh says:

      Replying to add a links to var and varHa’ before locking it as we already have these words.

      var be stingy

      varHa’be generous

      • Rhona Fenwick says:

        Satlho’. This is one that’d been on my wishlist for some years but I wasn’t aware that it’d been addressed at the last qep’a’ (to be frank, the last several months have been quite grim for me and recently my memory has been failing me badly). Sorry about that.

  1. De'vID says:

    Is it wrong or impermissible to ask for synonyms? Also, if people don’t want synonyms, won’t they just get downvoted to oblivion anyway?

    • Rhona Fenwick says:

      I don’t suppose so, but in this instance it was simply a failure of memory on my part, and I’m not happy with myself for having blown one of my suggestions on it.

      • qurgh says:

        I’m going to switch this from being “locked” to being “blacklisted”. This should return one of your suggestions. If it doesn’t, let me know!

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