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Word: Age



How old a person, non-language using animal, or thing is, in years or months.

Comment below with feedback and suggestions.

7 thoughts on “Age

    • anDu says:

      OK, but how would you say something like “Ayanna Pressley introduced a bill to lower the voting age”?


      I voted +1 on this. Why? We already have nenghep (Age of Ascension) and peHghep (Age of Inclusion), which imply that the word for age is ghep. ghep as a standalone is not canon, though. If Marc Okrand says that ghep really is the word for age, though, I’d like it to be official.

      • Andrew Miller says:

        I would say the following:

        chut cherbogh rIp’a’vaD chupta’ghach SeQ much A.P.
        yIn poH DISmey mI’ rav’e’ poQbogh lapwI’ nupmoHmeH chut chupta’ ghaH.
        AP presented a formal suggestion to the great council that establishes law.
        She suggested a law for decreasing the minimum number of lifetime years required by a voter.

        • anDu says:

          I guess that works, even if it takes two sentences to say. It would still be nice to know if “ghep” is for real, though.

          • Andrew Miller says:

            It’s two sentences because we lack words for legislature and bill (or chut [precursor]).

  1. anDu says:

    Maybe someone can request a word for bill/act in the legislative sense during the next round.

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