Word: worker/proletarian


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


I'm toying with the idea of translating the communist manifesto, and to do that one would require a working klingon term for worker that could be adapted for use when referring to the proletariat as a whole aswell.

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  1. I was tempted to say vumwI' would work for worker, but vum as a name as a negative meaning, and you probably do not want that. Proletarian is a very specific term, and I am not sure it would have a similar etimology in Klingon. You probably want to have something like "the worker class". So maybe having a way to talk about social classes could be useful, and a way to extend it to this topic.

    1. vumwI' should honestly be pretty good in the Manifesto for "worker": lIngmeH mIw luSeH vumwI' "the workers control the means [lit. "process"] of production". And as for the negative meaning of vum as compared to vumwI', I wouldn't worry about it – we don't stress ourselves that the English word assistant begins with ass, after all.