Word: uproot



The farmer uproots the cabbages. i.e. to pull something out. I do not like QIq for this.

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  1. Economic disruption has uprooted me from my idyllic life. I uprooted all the fence posts I had installed along the border of my fields. The pig uproots truffles.

    1. In the first case the notion of being 'uprooted' is fundamentally different from the requested definition. The other two can be expressed with {pochHa'}.

      {puplaw'bogh cheplaHghachwIj rorgh baqpu' nugh jo chach}
      "A crisis of society's resources has terminated my fantastical, perfect-seeming ability to prosper."

      {yotlhmeywIj chevwI' tlhoy' qal'aq naQmey Hoch vIpochHa'ta'}
      "I un-planted all of the staffs of the skeletal territorial wall (i.e. fence) of my fields."

      {waghbogh 'atlhqammey qub pochHa' targh}
      "The targ un-plants rare expensive fungi."