Word: "to experience bloodlust"



Not so useful IRL, perhaps, but very important in Klingon contexts. It doesn't appear as if there is a standalone word for the excitement and emotion that comes from battle, like the scandinavian "berserk"

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  1. Ugh, stupid interface put up my entry before I was done typing it! Anyway, it sure would be nice to have a shorthand verb for feeling battle frenzy or bloodlust, one that could be usefully turned into a noun with -wI'.

  2. {may'vaD Sey} He is excited for battle.
    {vIqvaD ngotlh} She is fanatical for combat.
    {chaH pIlmoH may' DuH} The possibility of battle stimulates them.

    Maybe a stretch, but you might even rework the metaphor in the phrase {bIrchoH SuvwI' 'Iw} "The blood of the warrior grows cold" to something like {SuvmeH tujchoH 'IwDaj} "His blood grows hot in order to fight."

  3. Also, point of order. You don't have to put your suggestion in quotation marks ("") or use 'to' in front of a verb you suggest. This actually interferes with the system's ability to place your entry in alphabetical order.