Word: to anoint



to apply oil or ointment, to apply oil for a religious ceremony

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  1. Consecrated oil might be described with {watrIn SeQ} "ceremonial lubricant" {betgham SeQ} "ritual liquid" or {tlhagh SeQ} "ceremonial fat/paste". To describe the act of anointing:

    {ghaHDaq betgham SeQ lIch} "He poured the ritual liquid on him."
    {ghaHDaq tlhagh SeQ ngoH} "She smeared the ritual paste on her."

    To describe someone as "The Anointed One", you could literally describe them as {betgham SeQ HevwI"a'} "Great Receiver of the Ritual Liquid", et al.

    Not that I would be averse to having a more specific word for "oil" or "ointment", but having a verb meaning "to anoint" seems a bit on the nose.