Word: signify / mean


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


For use is phrases such as: "What does that mean?", "What does this word mean?", "Does that mean that the sky is blue?", "This symbol signifies peace."

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  1. Related concepts are {'oS} "represent" ({nuq 'oS mu'vam?} "What does this word represent?") and {Hech} "intend" ({qaHoH 'e' vIHech.} "I mean to kill you."). I mostly find myself looking for a word meaning "mean" when talking about words, but it could also be used about other tracks/traces/symbols/appearances. "If you smile, it means that you are happy" The person does not "intend" be happy (they just are), and neither does the smile "represent" happiness.

    1. The logical relation you're looking for here, which is neither representation nor intention is *implication*. The smile *implies* that the one smiling is happy. On these grounds I would reject this suggestion, since we have the word {ghaS} "indicate, signal".