Word: short (object or distance)


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For "long" we have {nI'} (duration) and {tIq} (of an object), but for "short" we have {ngaj} (duration) and {run} (stature). {run} seems to be the opposite of {woch}, not {tIq}. What is the opposite of {tIq}?

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  1. I think run is the opposite of tIq. They both express extremes of 'ab.

    The way the measurement verbs are defined suggest Klingons see the length of longish objects as being a type of height.

      1. tIq does not seem to me to be a large extreme of 'ab, but rather of 'aD. woch is clearly the large extreme of 'ab.

        Otherwise I like De'vID's ideas and imagine the words would be used as such:

        The word woch would mean specifically "to be of a large relative height". For something that effectively has only one measurement woch could describe a large relative measurement of that greatest dimension. In English we would call this object long, but Klingons would call it tall. (This assumes that the "length" of a river would have to be described by 'aD rather than 'ab.) Then run could mean "to be of a small relative height" (or length for things with effectively one dimention).

        The word vaS would mean "to be of a large relative width" (lang would be the opposite) and the word tIq would mean "to be of a large relative length". But we would still be missing the opposite of tIq, which is why I asked this question.