Word: punch


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


attack with a fist, whichever noun or verb. And other term for hand-to-hand combat (tuckle, palmblow, chop [open hand], elbow-strike. etc)

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    1. Perhaps Klingons may not distinguishes between 'with fist' and 'with implement'. So there are no word for 'punch'. If Okrand decide so, I'll comply.
      I also want a new word or how to say 'tuckle', 'elbow-strike' and other words for hand-to-hand combat…

  1. He punched him.
    ghaH mup ro'Daj.
    His fist sruck him.

    ghaH mup DeSqIvDaj.

    His elbow struck him.


    Do you mean 'tackle'? As in 'tackle football'? That would be a great chabal mu'.