Word: pottery, earthenware, china



A generic term for ceramic vessels. pots, etc.

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  1. We know that Klingons refer to ceramic material as a type of {nagh} "stone". To distinguish this from natural carved stone {nagh but}, one might say {nagh pargh} "artificial stone", {DabqI' nagh pargh} "artificial clay stone" or {vIncha' DabqI' nagh} "furnace clay stone".

    So a ceramic piece or artifact would be a {nagh pargh vIqraq}. These could be referred to variously as {DabqI' nagh 'un}, {nagh pargh bal}, {DabqI' nagh pargh HIvje'} etc.

    That said, I think that it's probably a good idea to explore terms for various *specific* kinds of ceramic material.