Word: order/turn



e.g. It's my turn! in order, the order was disturbed.

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  1. I was about to submit order/sequence to this list; would "sequence" fit into the meaning you had in mind for this item as well?


    There is already another wish list entry for "turn" as in a turn in a game.

    1. I think we should pursue this suggestion as meaning arrangement of items in a sequence versus just a sequence itself, which seems to be covered variously by tlhegh and/or mIr.

  2. I wonder if 'eb "opportunity" wouldn't be appropriate for "turn (in a game, in a sequence)". lIb 'eblIj "your turn is coming up", veb 'ebwIj "my turn is next", rIn 'ebDaj "his turn is over".

    1. choja'mo' qatlho'.
      I was surprised they aren't new words, but very interesting, I like them.

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