Word: most recent



"Did you see the most recent episode of Star Trek?" "I only have the booklets from the three most recent qep'a'mey." This is listed as a verb because a stative verb could be one way to express this, but perhaps there's a phrase/construction used for this concept. I've seen some people use {Qav} or {vorgh} for this, but there's no reason to believe either of these are quite right.

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  1. Hov leng lut mIr qen chu'(qu')bogh 'ay' Dabejta"a'?
    Have you seen the Star Trek series part that is recently very new?

    tuch nungqu'bogh wej qep'a'mey paqHommey neH vIghaj.
    I only have booklets of the three qep'a'mey that (immediately) precede the future.