Word: loyalty


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the quality of being loyal, faithful adherence, or an instance of faithfulness. "I admire Maltz's loyalty." "Where do his true loyalties lie?"

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  1. As hinted in my first example sentence for the word "loyalty," I have a guess what the word might be. In explaining -ghach, Dr. Okrand mentions that many verbs can also be used as nouns, beyond what already we know of. He hasn't revealed too many of these, and this is a possible one I'd like to know about.

  2. There are so many useful concepts we have a hard time expressing. With all due respect it seems like a waste of time to ask for a nominal version of an idea we already know how to talk about:

    I admire that Maltz is loyal. matlh matlh 'e' vIHo'.
    To what is he certainly loyal? nuqvaD matlhbej ghaH?
    For what is his loyalty not fake? nuqvaD ngebbe' matlhtaHghachDaj.

  3. Andrew, if there are useful concepts you have trouble expressing, perhaps your time would be better spent suggesting them and advocating for them. Different people ask for different words for different reasons.

    1. Also, matlhtaHghach is not the same as loyalty. It's ongoing loyalty, and would not cover the idea of the quality of being loyal. Surely, the fact that you were forced to insert -taH for no other reason than to avoid a bare stem plus -ghach should make you recognize the problem that I outlined in my initial comment clarifying why I suggested this word.

      1. Ed, I read your comments often in the LK group and you're obviously a skilled speaker who suggests and has suggested good prospective words. I'm not trying to be hostile. I'm just emphasizing a set of priorities which many people participating in this project share.

        If you'd like to pursue the line of reasoning about -taHghach, then I'd just as soon say the sentence that immediately precedes it. If you're looking to express the mindset of a loyal person, perhaps the underlying missing concept is proneness, tendency, proclivity, propensity et al.