Word: jak'tahla


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


phase in a Klingon's maturation similar to puberty (ST: Insurrection)

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  1. We have jaqtala'. Because it was merely "vetted" by Okrand and not proposed by him, some Klingonists dispute it. As for myself, I usually take his vetting an item as tacit approval. It may not be an ironclad imprimatur, but it's close enough for me.

  2. On the KLI mailing list July 2013 there is a post from Fiat Knox. As I received it the message was interspersed with code and hard to read, but it seemed to recount how Okrand accepted the Paramount Hol creation of jak'tahla for Insurrection. As far as I know, Okrand at that point stopped short of providing a definitive Okrandian orthography for it. In any case, skipping forward to qep'a' 24, he seems to have approved at least informally jaqtala'. It's included on the Klingon Language Wiki list of new words for that meeting and De'vID has it on BoQwI' as well, sans any caveats. It isn't included in the KLI new words list however. I can't find any citation from Okrand, per se but Lieven or De'vID probably can affirm or deny the truth of the matter. Maybe I'll have to eat notqa' on this. If so, please don't withdraw it. I want to know, too. Qapla'

    1. Thanks for your detailed response. I trust Lieven's judgment. Once voting and suggestions really begin in earnest I will ask Chris to reset all my suggestions that have been covered by revealed vocab, including this one.