Word: go (as in a path going somewhere)


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In the sense of "This road goes to Chicago", "The path goes by the forest", "The wire goes into the wall", "His scar goes from his forehead to his chin", "The tire tracks go into the garage". In other words, how to talk about the course of something long that traces out a path (perhaps an actual path), but isn't actually in motion. The points mentioned don't necessarily have to be the endpoints ("this road goes to Chicago" doesn't necessarily mean that the road stops in Chicago), and the endpoints might not be specified at all.

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  1. Can be handled a number of ways without resorting to English-centric headspace.

    tawvamDaq Chicago pawlaH vay' Someone can arrive at Chicago on this road.
    ngemDaq Sum yItwI' He retlh. The area next to the walker's route is near the forest.
    QuchDaj woSDaj je joj 'oH mIvwa'Daj qubbID'e'. The span of his scar is between his forehead and his chin.

    Variations on ghoch destination are also appropriate:

    reD QemjIq 'oH SIrgh ghochHom'e'. The lesser destination of the wire is a hole in the wall. (If it's known that the wire goes through and ends up somewhere else.)
    Duj pa' 'oH rutlh vem ghochHey'e'. 
    The apparent destination of the wheel tracks is the vehicle room. (If their final destination is unknown.)