Word: funnel


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


funneling down to perhaps a half hour of conversation (from WoT project); to narrow down to some situation/condition. I don't like langchoH or langmoH here.

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  1. The sentence is included in the original posting.  After that, I have shown how "funnel" means "narrow down," "reduce," "lessen" the impact of the situation.  What are you missing?

    1. pujmoH can only refer to physical weakness (or say, the 'strength' of an alcoholic beverage). It would probably be inappropriate to apply it metaphorically here to refer to what appears to be a decreasing agreed-upon span of time.

  2. Nothing must interfere with this meeting, or with her role in it.

    Dozens of man-years and God knows how many dollars, she thought, funneling down to perhaps a half hour of conversation.

    1. Oh ok, so your solution probably isn't a verb at all. You want the (already existing) noun for result, outcome.

      …'ach rIchmeH rep bID 'oH gher'ID'e'.
      …but the outcome is only half an hour to discuss.