Word: distinguish, discriminate, discern



to make a conceptual distinction between two things

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  1. These words actually refer to a number of different situations, which can be expressed (among other ways) in the form {A 'e' B}:

    {buvmey pIm loch} "They belong to different categories"
    {pIm buvmey lochbogh} "The categories to which they belong are different."
    {pIm DI'onmeychaj} "Their attributes are different."

    {cher} "establish, set up"
    {Dam} "deem, consider (as), treat (as)"
    {ghov} "recognize"
    {jem} "sense, perceive"
    {qel} "consider, think about"
    {tlhoj} "realize"

    {buvmey pIm loch qechmey 'e' Dam}
    She treats the ideas as belonging to different categories.

    {pIm buvmey'e' lochbogh Dolmeyvam 'e' ghov}
    He recognizes that the categories that these entities belong to are different.

    {pImbej buvmeyvam DI'onmey 'e' lutlhoj}
    They realize that the attributes of these categories are certainly different.