Word: colonel


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Military rank, for which there is Star Trek canon e.g. "Colonel Worf", but is not listed in the Warfare section of KGT.

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    1. But AFAIK we have no canon evidence how intervenening ranks work. I would accept SoghHom for an equivalent to sub-lieutenant, but cannot say anything about other ranks. Nor does is provide guidence as to what one calls the equivalent of a Lieutenant-Colonel. We lack Major entirely too, but also lack a specific example, though being able to describe a Major-General could be good for one use. We also don't know if they use  HoD for an equivalent army rank to Captain. Getting in to unit sizes is a whole-nother suggestion I can't suggest.

      1. Based on la"a' for commandant I would assume that Klingon ranks work differently, though not too differently. The way I map it out, I just assume that a HoD is someone in charge of a vessel, and that an 'ajHom is something like a vice-admiral:

        Asterisks indicate documented forms.

        'ech'a' major-general
        'ech brigadier*
        'echHom colonel
        la"a' commandant*
        la' commander*
        la'Hom sub-commander [no equivalent Terran rank]
        Sogh'a' major/lieutenant colonel [no equivalent Terran rank]
        SoghHom sub-lieutenant
        lagh'a' super-ensign [no equivalent Terran rank]
        lagh ensign
        laghHom sub-ensign [no equivalent Terran rank]

        1. Sounds a reasonable method, had forgotton la"a' as an example of an above grade rank, though MO did iirc say that one's particular to the commander of a prison camp or speciallised unit. Though, it's still not clear whether MO would agree that it works that way. Hope there is no cultural taboo on the use of -Hom on a rank.

          1. There's also the case of jaghla' enemy commander, who needn't actually hold the rank of Commander (Maltz or Torg, I forget who, uses it to refer to then-Admiral Kirk).

        2. Just needed to figure out what an intervening naval rank might be, and came back to this. Assuming US naval ranks have a similar structure to Starfleet, they would have:
          Lt Commander
          Ensign (Midshipman/Sub-Lt equivalent I guess, so I imagine a contrived SoghHom is not needed).

          So for trying to describe Lt Commander (e.g. most of higher ranked Enterprise officers), would you prefer Sogh'a' or la'Hom?

          1. If Klingons have two ranks where the Federation has one, when talking about Federation officers you might be able say both, as if hyphenated: Sogh'a' la'Hom