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qep’a’ Schedule

qep’a’ cha’maH javDIch

July 18-20, 2019, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Attendees | Registration | Hotel

qep’a’ Schedule

This schedule is an early estimate of what we are planning. The actual schedule at the meeting might not match what is posted here in advance.

Please remember that while the times listed are never approximate, they may sometimes be inaccurate.  After the evening activities, the meeting room will be open for hanging out, playing games, etc.  Except for the pizza party, the cost of meals is NOT included with membership.  If you have a car we could use help with carpooling for suppers at local restaurants.

We are working on having lunches delivered to the hotel.

Thursday, July 18

8ambetleH wIqeqbetleH warmups on the hotel lawn
10amghoj taghwI’pu’Pronunciation and basic phrases intro/review
10amqeq jatlhwI’Intermediate speakers gather for conversation practice
2pmmabom ‘ej mataghOpening ceremonies
3pm‘Iv jIHGuess your hidden identity
4:30pmwa’ ‘ay’ Change a familiar sentence one bit at a time to make a new sentence
6:30pm‘uQMeet in the lobby for carpooling to dinner
8:30pmQuj latlh jeGames and fellowship

Friday, July 20

8ambetleH wIqeqbetleH warmups on the hotel lawn
10amghoj taghwI’pu’Basic grammar and sentence structure
10amQuj Qalbogh jatlhwI’Intermediate speakers gather to challenge each other in the pool
2pmqaDHom wa’Trial One: give a short speech based on a prompting word
3:30pmyu’Marc Okrand Q&A
4:30pmmu’qaD veS yIQCurse Warfare in the pool
6:30pm‘uQMeet in the lobby for carpooling to dinner
8:30pmQuj latlh je
Games etc.

Saturday, July 21

8ambetleH wIqeqbetleH warmups on the hotel lawn
10amghoj taghwI’pu’Using Klingon: stories, games, and review
10amvay’ luta’ jatlhwI’Intermediate speakers gather to come up with other ideas for improvement
2pmyejHaD DotlhState of the KLI
3pmpab pIn rIpGrammarians’ Round Table
4pmqaDHom cha’
Trial Two: create a short story based on a randomly selected phrase
5:30pmmIllogh qonlu’Put on your Klingon regalia (or a T-shirt) and meet for the official qep’a’ photo
6pmpItSa chab wISopPizza Party
7pmmuchHommey SarThe qep’a’ Cabaret
Deghlu’meH QaQ jajvamOpen activities after Cabaret

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