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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: pegh

Steven Boozer (

> Klingon Word of the Day for Wednesday, December 31, 2014
> Klingon word: pegh
> Part of speech: verb
> Definition: keep something secret

pegh De'vetlh 
That is classified information. CK

De' pegh vIghaj 
I have secret information. PK

ghoSmeH yIpegh 
Stealth approach. ST5

pegh vIttlhegh 
A proverb keeps things secret. 

Note the homophonous noun {pegh} "secret":

HQ 5.1:  Infrequently the singular {pegh} "secret" (rather than the plural {peghmey}) is heard, shortening the construction to {pegh vIttlhegh}. Since {pegh} is also a verb (meaning "keep something secret"), {pegh vIttlhegh} can also be interpreted as a sentence meaning something like "a proverb keeps things secret," that is, it withholds information rather than being a ready source of answers. To some Klingons, this is a most insightful coincidence.

nuH pegh 
secret of the weapon, the weapon's secret TD

nuHvam pegh 
secret of this weapon TKD

Hov ghajbe'bogh ram rur pegh ghajbe'bogh jaj 
A day without secrets is like a night without stars. PK (secrecy proverb)

not mev peghmey 
Secrets never cease. PK (secrecy proverb)

"When asked to speak Klingon, [Okrand] often says, {QI' peghmey vI'angQo'} which means "I refuse to reveal military secrets." (Qov, HQ 13.3:14) 


peghHa'moH  		cause to not keep a secret (v)
buv 				classify (v)

pegh vIttlhegh  		secrecy proverb (n)
peghmey vIttlhegh  	secrecy proverb (n)
ngoq 				code (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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