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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: Duq

Steven Boozer (

> KGT 99f.:  If the particular dish is somewhat soupy (a dish of this
> kind is termed a {chatlh}, roughly translated as "soup", though the
> amount of liquid is far less than what the Federation Standard term
> "soup" would suggest), it will arrive at the table in a large bowl
> ({maHpIn}) and a diner will pour [{qang}] its contents into a smaller
> bowl ({Duq}), from which he or she will consume it. Since this sort of
> dish is still primarily solid food as opposed to liquid, using the verb
> {tlhutlh} ("drink") to describe ingesting it is not quite right. There is
> another verb, {'ep}, which refers to eating food of this kind.

> I've always considered stew, porridge, and chili as good examples of
> {chatlhmey}, and "slurp" as a good translation of {'ep}.

KGT 206:  For example, in both Klingon and Federation Standard, there is a verb for consume solid food (eat, {Sop}) and another for consume liquid (drink, {tlhutlh}). In Klingon, but not in Federation Standard, there is a third verb in this set, {'ep}, which refers to consuming soup or, more accurately, to consuming Klingon {chatlh}, which contains less liquid than the typical Terran soup. (It should be noted that although the Federation Standard verb "slurp" may well apply to how a Klingon consumes {chatlh}, it is not an accurate translation of {'ep}, since it refers to eating and drinking noisily, not to the consumption of soup in particular.)

Okrand sees a difference from "slurp", but I think it's accurate based on his description.  Note the key phrase: " eating and drinking NOISILY."

And to add to his list of eating verbs:  {chop} bite, {yIv} chew, {waH} taste, {ghup} swallow.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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