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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: mu'mey ru'

Steven Boozer (

>> Klingon Word of the Day for Friday, December 12, 2014
>> Klingon word: mu'mey ru'
>> Part of speech: noun
>> Definition: temporary words (ungrammatical expression used for impact)

lojmIt tI'wI' nuv 'utlh:
> One of my favorite examples was when, at qep’a’ someone brought Captain
> Krankor a hand-made yamaka (I’m probably misspelling that — it’s the
> little hat that barely covers the crown of the head, worn by Jewish men)
> with the Klingon tri-foil on it. Krankor grabbed it, stuck it on his head
> and jumped up and down, gleefully proclaiming, {jIyID! jIyID!}

I have a bit more info in my notes: 

According to Mark Shoulson, in February 1993 there was a party in Seattle for people who knew each other via various computer networks. Krankor sat at one end of the table with Mark and DrujIv (Letty Smith, builder of the city on the KLI MUSH) and spoke only in Klingon. Although not religious, Krankor is Jewish by birth, so Mark's wife had crocheted a *yarmulke* for him. It was black with Klingon trefoils and the name {Qanqor} in red {pIqaD}. Inside, the inscription read {Qapla'}. Krankor looked at it, asked what it said (he didn't/doesn't read {pIqaD)}, smiled as only he can smile... put it on his head and said "{DaH jIyID!}" Mark laughed so hard he hit his head on the table and cut his forehead open, leaving a scar. (Note: *yid* is the Yiddish word for "Jew," also appropriated into English slang, though as a pejorative term. Krankor here was punning, treating {yID} as a Klingon verb for "to be Jewish.")
   "I've tried really hard to keep this from being debated as to its utility, usability, etc. I've even denied the incident in which it happened ever happened. It's not an Okrand creation. It's not a word. It's not {tlhIngan Hol}. It was never intended to be used or introduced long-term. It was a JOKE for crying out loud; Krankor was making a funny and we laughed and I injured my head on a table! OK, that makes it work OK as an inside joke among the folks who were there and those who heard the story, but peHruS is right, it ISN'T proper Klingon and using it as such would only confuse the beginners. Sigh... I'm going to have to be very careful which stories I tell!"   [~mark/Seqram [Mark Shoulson]]

Since {mIv} "helmet" (TKD) has been extended to "hat" (TalkNow!) and we have {mIv'a'} "crown" (KGT), we can probably use {mIvHom} for various sorts of skullcaps:  e.g. *yarmulke* (Yiddish)/*kippah* (Hebrew), *taqiyah* (Arabic), *kufi/kofia* (in Africa), *tubeteika* (in Central Asia), etc. 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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