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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Moving forward with the new website

De'vID (

> I'd be interested in heading or otherwise assisting with the Extended Corpus
> project.
> I've spent more time than any person reasonably should looking through
> various archives for bits of Klingon-related info and cross-referencing with
> my own collection of Star Trek works, so I figure I might as well put it to
> use.

gheS loghaD 'e' vInaD. laHDaj Honchugh vay', DaqtaghwIj QIn jej bam.

>> At present, we are looking for some volunteers, as follows:

I'm not volunteering for anything, but can I assume that the overhaul
will take the mobile generation into account? As the maintainer of a
somewhat popular Klingon language app for Android (boQwI'), I often
receive emails from people requesting that more Klingon learning
materials be made available for mobile devices. These are people who
manage to contact me because my app is on their smartphone, but are
unaware of the KLI's existence. There is literally a generation of
people who have heard of the Klingon language only from The Big Bang
Theory or Abrams-Trek, and whose first source of Internet information
isn't the web, but the app store (Google Play or iTunes) on their

The KLI would increase its reach greatly if, for example, Robyn's
course was, in addition to being online, downloadable as an app for
iPhone & Android.


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