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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Direction and Movement with respect to Klin Zha

De'vID (

On 2 December 2014 at 22:40, Gaerfindel <> wrote:
> {mangghomDaj manglaH
> naSwI'} "the winner can arrange his/her army (the playing pieces)" or {ghol
> mangghom manglaH ghol 'e' chaw naSwI'} "allow the opponent to place his/her
> army (first)."

ghaytan loQ DaghItlhHa'. {manglaH} vIyajbe'. {naSwI'} vIyaj 'ach mu'
DawIvmo' ngoQlIj vIyajbe'.

> This method of designation leads (in my mind, at least) to the following
> description of a move:
> {tIng wej poS cha'Daq tu'lu' puvwI'.

puvwI' tu'lu'.

> ra'DIchHom'etlhvo' 'ev cha' nIH wejDaq
> leng. SuvwI' Hurgh ghIntaq HoH.}


SuvwI' Hurgh ghaH 'Iv'e'? ghIntaq ghajchugh, ghaytan {ghIntaq Hurgh}
ponglu'DI' yap.

> At SW row 3, left 2 there's a flier. From that space it moves to NW 2, right
> 3. The lancer is killed.
> Whaddya think?

Qujvam vIQujbe'mo' vuD vIghajbe'.


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