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[Tlhingan-hol] Classic Polygons (was: Re: geometry and card games)

Gaerfindel (

If I'm reading the New Words List correctly. the five classic (Platonic) polyhedra would be named as such:

qu'vu'                                         --  tetrahedron
buq'Ir                                          --  cube, hexahedron
chorgh mey' HoS yergh            --  octahedron
wa'maH cha' mey' HoS yergh  --  dodecahedron
cha'maH mey' HoS yergh         --  icosahedron

Of course there are always the {wa'maH mey' yergh} and the {wa'vatlh mey' yearghmey}. But they're not regular polyhedra. }}:-)


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