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Re: ghorghvaD 'oH?

At 16:19 2002-04-11 -0400, wrote:
>You can use Klingon however you want, of course.  But you asked for feedback.
>  Don't get upset if it's not the kind of feedback you wanted.

I should have specified that what I meant by feedback does not include "I 
don't like your source text therefore it's bad and therefore you think 
Klingon isn't a real language and MINE'S BIGGER".
If I wanted to elicit aggro reactionary nattering with a bible-college 
approach to "grammar", I'd go to the English department.

Mercifully, most of the feedback that people have given me about the to' 
nech have been quite helpful, AND demonstrate their ability to read and 
understand difficult (or at least oblique) content.  It's quite encouraging!

Sean M. Burke

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