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Re: "Klingon Linguistic Studies"

ja' muHwI':
>...They're just simple words [like
>tlhutlh or nuqneH], but for every word, there is a short definition or
>discription [Verb, to ingest a liquid substance.], a rough pronunciation
>guide [klukh] (which is a very good guide if you don't know which syllable
>to stress!) - and there is even a WAV file for every word to hear it

Supposedly, the simple definition and the sound file are provided by
Marc Okrand himself.  Unfortunately, the well-meaning but uninformed
folks in charge of the site tend to elaborate on the definition more
than they should.  Don't take things like their "to ingest a liquid
substance" as authoritative -- especially since they tend to use an
English infinitive form in verbs' definitions, which isn't quite the
right way to render an unprefixed Klingon verb.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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