Registrants for the qep'a' wa'maH SochDIch

This is the list of people currently registered to attend the qep'a' wa'maH SochDIch, a growing collection of names you might recognize from local qepHommey, discussion group posts, or the pages of HolQeD and jatmey. Some are old friends, while others you'll be meeting for the first time when we come together for our annual conference.

Name Registered for qep'a' Supporting registration
Lawrence M. Schoen *
Chris Lipscombe *
Michelle Peat *
Christopher Kidder *
Alan Anderson *
Corey Anderson *
Eric Andeen *
Tad Stauffer *
Elizabeth Lawrence *
Mark Shoulson *
Isaac Shoulson *
Esther Shoulson *
Agnieszka Solska *
Captain Krankor *
Stephen Carter *
Lieven Litaer *
John Timpane *
Carol Anderson *
Anne Fairfax *
Christoph Pichlmann *
Total: 14 6

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