HolQeD: The Journal of the KLI

The main vehicle of the Klingon Language Institute is HolQeD, our quarterly journal. Each issue includes artwork, feature articles, and regular columns discussing Klingon linguistics, language, and culture. In addition, members' letters discussing, commenting, and debating ideas and arguments raised in previous issues also appear, supporting an atmosphere of mutual respect and open discussion. More than simply a newsletter, HolQeD is intended to be an academic journal, and is registered with the Library of Congress (ISSN: 1061-2327) and cataloged by the Modern Language Association.

An index of things mentioned in HolQeD is now available online. Please use it to find issues if you'd like to get back issues of them. Here is the table of contents from Volume 12, Number 2 (the June 2003 issue):

A Brief Editorial
Dr. Lawrence Schoen
From the Grammarian's Desk
Captain Krankor
Maltz's Reward: Part I
Marc Okrand
KLI Round Table: Stative Verbs Revisited
$1 Back Issue Clearance
Beginners' Corner
Robyn Stewart
KLI Projects
Marc McCoy

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