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Palm OS devices are very popular with Klingonists. Pick yours up here, and support the KLI.

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Can't go wrong with for finding books and movies and electronics and whatnot!

Hundreds of online stores to choose from, and they'll all give a percentage of your purchase to the KLI if you sign up. Chances are, if you want to find something online, there's a store here that sells it. Use the link above to sign up.


You know you need office supplies...

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They have some Star Trek-related items too! For example, you might consider The Official STAR TREK: The Next Generation Klingon Disruptor Pistol, or Official STAR TREK: Klingon Bird of Prey Collector's Pocket Watch.'s Buy of the Day!

Shop at for all kinds of products: electronics, videos, music, what have you.

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