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Word: experience



Something you do or that happens to you Eg “She never knew about her mother’s experiences”, “My experience at the prison would terrify most people”

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3 thoughts on “experience

  1. Rhona Fenwick says:

    I can only speak for myself, but it strikes me that a noun of such general meaning is very easy to circumlocute using some sort of relative phrase to further specify the nature of the experience. “She never knew about her mother’s experiences” would be neatly rendered as SoSDaj luSIghpu’bogh wanI”e’ not Sov she never knew about the events that had influenced her mother; similarly, “my experience at the prison would terrify most people” could be put as HochHom nuvpu’ ghIjqu’ bIghHa’Daq wanI’mey vISIQpu’bogh the events that I endured at the prison would terrify most others.

    • Andrew Miller says:

      ^Seconded. An experience is basically just a wanI”e’ SIQbogh vay’ event/phenomenon endured by someone.

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